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24 August 1949
Roy Campanella and Duke Snider with the winning pitcher, Preacher Roe.
31 May 1950
Burt Shotton, Brooklyn Dodger manager, and Duke Snider wear big smiles after Duke drove out three successive homers in game against Philadelphia Phillies at Ebbets Field
It seems Carl Erskine has just done something speci1952 Seasonal, anyway PeeWee Reese, Carl Furillo, and Duke Snider are sure smiling.
Preacher Roe is heating up the Brooklyn Dodger bats, Gene Hermanski, Duke and Carl Furillo.
1952 season
Carl Erskine hugs the two sluggers for the day’s win. Duke Snider and Gil Hodges.
5 October 1952
Yankee Stadium.
Duke Snider and Billy Cox know it is just one more game to go for a World Series victory. Snider drove in the winning run and Cox scored the last two runs.
1952 Brooklyn won the first game of the World Series
Joe Black, Duke Snider, Charlie Dressen, PeeWee Reese, Jackie Robinson.
5 October 1952Yankee Stadium: Heroes of the fifth Series game shown in dressing room after 6-5 victory against Yankees. Duke Snider, who drove in 4 runs, Carl Erskine, who went 11 innings, allowing only 5 hits, and Manager Chuck Dressen.
24 july 1952
A happy bunch of Brooks, Reese (1), Furillo (6), Robinson (42) Coach Pitler (31) and Charlie DiGiovanna (bat boy) in rear, greet Snider at plate after Dukes game winner blast. It was his 100th of his career.
19 September 1953 Duke crosses home plate behind PeeWee Reese after batting his 40the homerun on his 27th birthday.
After Season in 1952
Duke and PeeWee compare score cards at Pee Wee's course in Louisville.
28 September 1953
They pack the punch at the plate. Ready for World Series, Gil Hodges, .302, Roy Campanella,.312, Jackie Robinson,.329, Duke Snider,.336, Carl Furillo,.344 (National League Batting Champion).
27 May 1954
Duke Snider appears mighty proud of the bat he used to get his 1000th hit. A third inning single in game against the Phillies at Ebbets Field. But Dodgers lost 11-5, ugh!

. Summer 1955
A night out, Dodger buddies, Rube Walker, Duke Snider, and Carl Erskine.
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30 september 1956
Don Newcombe pours beer over the head of Duke Snider, who hit two home runs, during celebration in the Dodger clubhouse after the "Bums" beat the Pirates 8-6 to cinch the pennant. Sandy Koufax looks on.
Mid-Season 1954

PeeWee Reese pulled ham string, Duke Snider hit on right elbow on pitch by Marv Grisson the night before.

1956 Season
Duke Snider, Charlie Neal, Don Drysdale, Sandy Amoros
30 september 1956
Sandy Amoros and Duke Snider each hit 2 home runs to help clinch the National League Pennant
Happy Felton had a pregame show called the Happy Felton Knot Hole Gang. The time slot was about a half hour before game time, in the area of the Dodger bullpen. There would be three little leaguers, infield, outfield, pitchers and catchers and a Dodger player who would work them out and decide who was the better player. The winners could get to come back the next day and talk to the player of his choice just before the game started. Happy Felton also had a post game TV show, "Talk to the Stars". They would get the two top players from the game. Questons were sent in to discuss and Happy Felton and staff would choose the question for that particular show. They would receive a check for $50.00 for either pregame show or post game show.